Chart Size Matters September 02 2019, 0 Comments

I recently heard from a regular customer regarding a new chart I'd just listed. She loved the design, but as she mentioned on my Instagram post, it was smaller than she was looking for. Long story short, she told me how big she wanted it and I added a new listing at the bigger size. 

The piece in question is called "Skeleton Swing". The stitched area is 7.57 inches tall and uses 4157 stitches. It is clear enough to depict the ominous chill of the forest.   

The upsized version, called "Skeleton Swing LARGE", is 12.93 inches tall using 11,392 stitches. While the original piece is clear enough for the liking of many, the larger piece is so much more clear, with much finer detail noted in the trees and bushes to the right as well as the folds of the girl's dress.

Which one you prefer is simply a matter of your own taste in time or size. At the rate that I stitch, the larger version would take about 76 hours to complete versus 27 hours for the smaller. 


When I first started stitching, I quickly identified that I preferred to complete a project in a reasonable amount of time. I wasn't the type to want to spend 6-12 months working on a 15,000 stitch behemoth. This spawned my use of black cloth and negative space, using the dark cloth to replace the darker stitches. A chart that was 10,000 stitches could now be done with just 2,000-3,000. 

But that's my preference. I have come to learn that, for some people, dedication of time and effort to a behemoth of a project is not a problem, and is actually preferred.

All this said, most of my charts can be resized to suit your application. Have a frame in mind for a certain design? I can redo the chart to fit. Want a specific design bigger to bring out more clarity? Totally doable. 

Most of these changes cannot be done via a simple click on a button, but rather need to be redone from scratch. Sometimes this is a very simple feat which will require no additional charge. Other times, the resizing is a bit more labor intensive, requiring a modest upcharge. This will be treated on a case by case basis, though I'll make every effort to keep the pricing the same.  

Just email me at peteseazle [@] and let me know what design you're interested in and how big you want it.  

Thanks and happy stitching,