Doable LAST MINUTE GIFT IDEAS December 18 2018, 0 Comments

Stitch Less to Stitch MORE!


Face it, cross stitching is a slow process. We all know this. To make a single gift for a special friend or loved one can take DAYS if not WEEKS or MONTHS to complete! How do you take care of everyone at that rate? It's a cyclical nightmare, choosing the charts you want to create for the people that need THIS in their life. It's daunting, really.


Thus, I give you the $3 BIN! This is a page where every piece is less than 1000 stitches, thus can be done in a long day or short weekend. Completion! Gratification! Gift giving! All in a matter of hours. And for only $3. EVERY CHART is $3.


So look around. There are HUNDREDS of charts with more coming all the time. Be sure to check the MOST RECENT page for regularly added new additions. 


Maximize your stabby-stabby time and your GIFT:LOVED ONE ratio.


Oh, and everything is BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE until the end of the year. No coupon code. It's automatic! (Through 11:59PM Seattle Time, 12/31/18)