Brian Bell - Cross Stitch Pattern Chart

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"Brian Bell" Cross Stitch pattern for immediate download.

Brian Bell is the bass player and song writer behind Seattle's alt-rock band, Tacoma Finish.  He can often be found at Pacific Fabrics in SoDo buying floss and bitching about their lack of black Aida cloth inventory.  His favorite color is Amber and he has a dog named Keven.  He's infatuated with small shiny objects and Amber.  

  • Stitched W: 46 (stitches only, no surrounding buffer)
  • Stitches H: 83 (stitches only, no surrounding buffer)
  • Inches W: 3.28" - Cm: 8.35
  • Inches H:5.93" - Cm: 15.06
  • Stitch Count: 1950
  • # Colors: 6
  • Aida Size: 14

Fits nicely in a 6x8 frame.

Includes PDF pattern with DMC Floss Color Scheme and simulated completed piece available for immediate download upon payment confirmation. CROSS STITCH PATTERN ONLY.

COPYRIGHT: CrassCross by Pete Seazle© 2014. For personal use only. May not be copied or distributed without express written consent of CrassCross by Pete Seazle.

I commend you if you've actually read all the way to the bottom of this listing.  You now know that Pete Seazle, the artist behind and owner of CrassCross, is actually Brian Bell.  Good sleuthing, my friend!  Email me at and let me know you know my real name and I'll give you a free pattern.  One per customer and I reserve the right to either wear or not wear pants when I email it to you.  

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