Custom Designs for Christmas and MORE! October 30 2018, 0 Comments

Okay, I know I'm supposed to say "Holidays" instead of "Christmas", but this post is specifically about Custom Christmas Tree ornaments. Like this: 

This was a custom piece I did for a customer whose father had long since passed. It's "framed" in the same hoop in which is was stitched, this one being 6" if I recall correctly.

Got a family relative or pet you'd like memorialized? Have an idea for an ornament that you just can't find anywhere? Hit me up at and let's make it happen!

Or, if you just want some funny 3-inch designs, check out my Threezles and Celebrity Threezles. These are all framed in the 3-inch hoop in which it's stitched (based on 14-count Aida).

It's always fun to spend the holidays with: 


Or even:

Or you could go traditional with this one:

Or again, not traditional, with any of these:

I think you get it. 

Happy holidays!


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