Chart Size Matters September 02 2019, 0 Comments

I recently heard from a regular customer regarding a new chart I'd just listed. She loved the design, but as she mentioned on my Instagram post, it was smaller than she was looking for. Long story short, she told me how big she wanted it and I added a new listing at the bigger size. 

The piece in question is called "Skeleton Swing". The stitched area is 7.57 inches tall and uses 4157 stitches. It is clear enough to depict the ominous chill of the forest.   

The upsized version, called "Skeleton Swing LARGE", is 12.93 inches tall using 11,392 stitches. While the original piece is clear enough for the liking of many, the larger piece is so much more clear, with much finer detail noted in the trees and bushes to the right as well as the folds of the girl's dress.

Which one you prefer is simply a matter of your own taste in time or size. At the rate that I stitch, the larger version would take about 76 hours to complete versus 27 hours for the smaller. 


When I first started stitching, I quickly identified that I preferred to complete a project in a reasonable amount of time. I wasn't the type to want to spend 6-12 months working on a 15,000 stitch behemoth. This spawned my use of black cloth and negative space, using the dark cloth to replace the darker stitches. A chart that was 10,000 stitches could now be done with just 2,000-3,000. 

But that's my preference. I have come to learn that, for some people, dedication of time and effort to a behemoth of a project is not a problem, and is actually preferred.

All this said, most of my charts can be resized to suit your application. Have a frame in mind for a certain design? I can redo the chart to fit. Want a specific design bigger to bring out more clarity? Totally doable. 

Most of these changes cannot be done via a simple click on a button, but rather need to be redone from scratch. Sometimes this is a very simple feat which will require no additional charge. Other times, the resizing is a bit more labor intensive, requiring a modest upcharge. This will be treated on a case by case basis, though I'll make every effort to keep the pricing the same.  

Just email me at peteseazle [@] and let me know what design you're interested in and how big you want it.  

Thanks and happy stitching,


The Wall o' Metal June 30 2019, 0 Comments

Superstar CrassCross Stitcher from Down Under, Jacqui C., shows off her Wall o' Metal, all designs from my Celebrity Patterns section.

From the top and clockwise, King Diamond, Lemmy Kilmister, Angus Young, and Bon Scott! There are sweet Cliff Burtons and Rob Halfords to be added to her wall soon!

Make your own collage of your faves of every genre from music, sports, television, theater, and politics. 

Can't find all of the pieces to your own puzzle in my store? Just email me at and we'll figure it out! 

Happy rockin' stitchin'!


New at CrassCross! February 12 2019, 0 Comments

Lots of new things going on at CrassCross these days!

First off, there are LOTS of new charts that have debuted in the last week and many more on the way. We took a bit of a break with the holidays, selling a home/moving, and primary job hunting. But we're back, so be sure to check out everything new in our "Most Recent" section, which lists items chronologically, most recent first.

Some variety including Odell Beckham, Jr., a crazy black and white-ish cat with a rainbow eye, sock and buskin, a new evil skull, and THIS one for all of the people who ask for more men in the erotic charts section!


We also had a couple of requests lately for generic dog breed charts in black and white. These are simple with just 3-5 colors and hover around 3,000 stitches, so not a long-term commitment. Most fit in a 5x7" or 6x8" frame like this Bulldog and Westie


This brought on the need for a new section, (where the above two charts can be found), called Animals/Pets. There are currently about 40 charts in this new section, but we're adding many more dog breeds in the coming days. Be sure to check back regularly or shoot me an email (peteseazle[at] and let me know what you're looking for. 

As always, thank you for your support and keep on stitchin'!



Doable LAST MINUTE GIFT IDEAS December 18 2018, 0 Comments

Stitch Less to Stitch MORE!


Face it, cross stitching is a slow process. We all know this. To make a single gift for a special friend or loved one can take DAYS if not WEEKS or MONTHS to complete! How do you take care of everyone at that rate? It's a cyclical nightmare, choosing the charts you want to create for the people that need THIS in their life. It's daunting, really.


Thus, I give you the $3 BIN! This is a page where every piece is less than 1000 stitches, thus can be done in a long day or short weekend. Completion! Gratification! Gift giving! All in a matter of hours. And for only $3. EVERY CHART is $3.


So look around. There are HUNDREDS of charts with more coming all the time. Be sure to check the MOST RECENT page for regularly added new additions. 


Maximize your stabby-stabby time and your GIFT:LOVED ONE ratio.


Oh, and everything is BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE until the end of the year. No coupon code. It's automatic! (Through 11:59PM Seattle Time, 12/31/18)






Buy One, Get One FREE! December 05 2018, 1 Comment

Most of you have probably already gotten deep into your holiday gift crafting. But if not, there's still plenty of time to bang a few out or get a jump on your 2019 crafting.

From now until the end of 2018 (Dec 31, 11:59PM Seattle Time), you can get a FREE CHART (of equal or lesser value) with the purchase of any chart at regular price. 

No limit!

No Discount Codes are required. This sale is automatic.

Not sure where to start? Check out all of our best sellers HERE or see the most recent designs HERE

Introducing the $3 BIN! November 12 2018, 0 Comments

Many cross stitch patterns call for weeks if not months worth of work. But sometimes you just want to bang out a finished project or make a quick gift at the last minute.

That's why I created the $3 BIN. All of these patterns are 1,000 stitches or less, meaning you can complete them, start to finish, in just a few hours. When I'm on a roll, I stitch about 150 stitches an hour. That puts 1,000 stitches completed in under 7 hours!

Heading out of town for a long weekend? Come home with 2-3 completed designs!

Choose from threezles...




Stick people.... 




And much more!

With over 170 patterns in this collection, you're sure to find a few. Check them out here


Custom Designs for Christmas and MORE! October 30 2018, 0 Comments

Okay, I know I'm supposed to say "Holidays" instead of "Christmas", but this post is specifically about Custom Christmas Tree ornaments. Like this: 

This was a custom piece I did for a customer whose father had long since passed. It's "framed" in the same hoop in which is was stitched, this one being 6" if I recall correctly.

Got a family relative or pet you'd like memorialized? Have an idea for an ornament that you just can't find anywhere? Hit me up at and let's make it happen!

Or, if you just want some funny 3-inch designs, check out my Threezles and Celebrity Threezles. These are all framed in the 3-inch hoop in which it's stitched (based on 14-count Aida).

It's always fun to spend the holidays with: 


Or even:

Or you could go traditional with this one:

Or again, not traditional, with any of these:

I think you get it. 

Happy holidays!


Seazle's Summer Sizzler Sale! August 15 2018, 0 Comments

Happy Summer stitchers! Now that we're well into the dog days of summer, it's time again for Seazle's Summer Sizzler Sale! 

Enter the code "Summer2018" at checkout and save 30% of all charts! Or just click this LINK and the code will automatically be applied.

No minimum, no limit!

Sale ends August 31st at 11:59 PM Seattle time.

We're also celebrating the fact that we're now well over 800 unique charts! To see the latest posts, click HERE

We've also just launched a new collection, "Movie Posters". It's a little sparse thus far, but if there's a movie you'd like to see represented here, please email your suggestions to

As always, thank you for your support.



30% Off Forever If I Happen To Die In Nicaragua May 22 2018, 0 Comments

Crazy days down in Nicaragua. The students and rural folks are protesting President Ortega's changes to the Social Security laws. Higher costs for employers and employees with fewer benefits. There has been rioting, looting, and protester deaths. Roads have been blocked and unblocked.

What does this have to do with CrassCross, you ask? Two things:

1) I'm having a 30% off sale effective immediately. Just enter code "NICA2018" at checkout. 

2) I'm heading to Nicaragua this Saturday. 

I usually set an end date and time for my sales, but this time I'm going to leave it open until I get back on June 5th. If, in the unlikely event that I happen to die while down there, this sale will go on indefinitely. 

If I don't die, then I'm coming back the proud owner of one acre of land on which I'll build my someday retirement home!

So wish me luck and enjoy your 30% off savings by entering code NICA2018 at check out! Click HERE to see my most recent listings and start shopping!

Let's hope, for my sake, this sale actually ends on June 5th. 



Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

New Section: "Most Recent April 17 2018, 0 Comments

Quick update. With over 700 charts now available in the store, how do you find out what's new since your last visit? 

Problem solved, our new "Most Recent" section has ALL charts listed chronologically, starting with, you guessed it, the mostly recently listed designs. 

Its now really easy to stay up to speed with all of the latest cutting edge CrassCross designs. 

As always, thanks for your support. 

And don't forget, you can save 30% off your order through the end of April 2018 by entering "SPRING18" at checkout!

Please note: This section lists ALL patterns, some of which are NSFW. 

... ...